So regularly, eBook writers and marketers neglect that the Introduction to the eBook is regularly available for viewing through manner of the method of the net reader who is interested in shopping for the book. It has to therefore be used as now not most effective an “introduction” but moreover a marketing and marketing and advertising message to the buyer. Over the years I’ve helped many authors prepare their Forewords, Introductions, Prefaces, and Author’s Bio pages. I’ve moreover helped eBook authors edit their eBooks and helped them put together an award-winning perceive and a compelling table of contents. It matters.

Okay so, let’s talk about the manner to jot down an introduction. For my example, I will use an eBook about dependency, dependency, and substance abuse. This sample is first-rate suited for a self-help or nonfiction eBook. Read this Introduction under and notice if you can see how this net web page assists you to sell more eBooks online.

When Marketing an eBook It's Wise to Use the Introduction As a Selling Tool


Over the remaining many years, we’ve got were given had a difficult time with the opioid/fentanyl catastrophe withinside the United States. Of course, as our data show – Americans have constantly had problems with dependency and dependency. We’ve dealt with opium, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
None of the present-day screw-ups exacerbated through the manner of the method of the 2020 Coronavirus shutdown surprises dependency professionals and dependency professionals. After all, even as humans lose their jobs or grow to be pressured out substance abuse skyrockets.

It’s exceptional how masses of time we spend in school studying severa topics, however, something as severe as a dependency in our society gets little to factor out beside one is majoring in social services, psychology, or looking to pursue a career in healthcare.
After doing research writing for a few residential dependency treatment facilities, I fast determined out that there is lots more to apprehend about the concern. I placed that masses of what I concept I knew modified into most effective in component correct and that there was lots more to the story.

I concept decrease lower back to my immoderate school and college days and all the friends I had and the manner their paths went astray due to substance abuse, dependency, and alcoholism. A few recovered from their terrible alternatives of partying and wearing on, but many did now not. We’ve all had friends like this, probably we understood their pain, probably now not.

Addiction is a severe business corporation, it’s miles now not as smooth to surrender as we might believe. Alcohol, drugs, and chemical substances we eat can re-cord our brains making quitting highly hard or maybe health-damaging.

I wrote this eBook for anyone who’s having a hassle with dependency or has a close friend or relative that suffers from dependency. It’s moreover a first-rate starter for anyone withinside the healthcare corporation or thinking of going for walks withinside the dependency treatment field.

This eBook should serve parents, teachers, employers, and others who are involved in this growing issue. You see, dependency and dependency affect anybody and every very own family in some ways, as it affects humans we apprehend and love, do business corporation with, or rely upon. It’s vital to apprehend the signs, the causes, and apprehend what to do to help our friends and very own family members.
I want to thank you for purchasing this eBook. I cherished the 100s of hours of exam and research I placed into studying substance abuse and dependency for our Online Think Tank. It occurred to me that others may also discover those records valuable. Thus, I condensed the concern into bite-sized, thoroughly researched, and foot-noted articles. Next, I compiled them into an eBook format and brought this eBook to my collection of authored works.

If you are someone who likes to investigate new things, I invite you to check out the other eBooks I’ve written on numerous esoteric topics to further feed your thoughts with pertinent records helping you to better apprehend the human task in all its intricacies. Thank you yet again for your self-notion and recognition as real inside shopping for this eBook.