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The sport features meticulously researched fight equipment and weaponry, music from famous composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy), high-octane action, and three different modes of proper gameplay. enables players to seize control of the real-existence ancient military because they clash on probably the most legendary battlefields ever.

The effective Eastern Han Empire walked into the dark night. The imperial power was weak and fragile. The Kushan Empire, laying over Central Asia and Southern Asia, was split up into several small countries after numerous brutal wars. The Parthian Empire, stretching over Eurasia, was progressively weakened through the wars from the Roman Empire which was stuck within the endless civil wars and also the invasion from the barbarians. During this time period, warlords got a chance to increase up. In truceless occasions, you are able to command soldiers or fight on your own to win the warfare and be a valiant hero.

Multiple Fight Modes – Tiger night is really a warfare video game using the options that come with cold weapon strategy and action. It brings the realistic diversified arms and restraint relations of ancient wars. You can’t only eliminate opponents with your personal hands but additionally, command your troops to win the fight together with your knowledge.

Weapons & Armors – Presently, Tiger night has prepared 409 weapons and 402 armor that you should choose. With increased arm types being unlocked, more unique weapons and armor are going to be revealed! Different mixtures of weapon and armor will take you different fight experience! Weapon & Armor Restraint System Weapons and armor have different protection attributes and damage types, getting the various restraint relations. Damage effects on several areas of the body will vary, too. Meanwhile, the burden from the armor will affect your motility.

To be able to repulse the invasion of nomadic people, Han Empire organized an easy cavalry. Combined with the growth and development of warfare, the cavalry switched the mission from recognition to harass and assault opponents. Wei mounted archers grew to become well known simply because they always stole enemy provisions and destroyed enemy logistics. Cavalries play a huge role throughout the wars. Cao Wei built an effective heavy cavalry outfitted with northern fine horses. Because this troop mastered the tactics of assault, outflank, and split, it grew to become the best option during critical moments.