The Ten Safest And Most Perfect Cities in The World

Safest And Most Perfect

When traveling, we have to take many factors, among which safety is the most important one. Although there are numerous places with beautiful scenery and rich in culture in the world, if we put the safety into consideration, many places are not suitable for travel. Recently, a magazine has shown ten cities in the world are discussed and elected as the safest and perfect cities in the world. Then, let us have a look.

ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao located in the Caribbean which belong to the Netherlands are with low crime rate, far from the typhoon, so it is a very ideal place for travel. In addition, people live on this island are very hospital, and the culture here is diverse and tolerant.

Safest And Most Perfect

Although Dubai is located in the turbulent Middle East area, under the protection of government whose goal is to stabilize economically and keep the society safe, with the ubiquitous closed-circuit television monitoring, people do not have the need to worry about the security issues.

Maybe many people don’t have the expectation of Ireland, which had experienced decades of civil war. However, research done by the World Health Organization shows that ethnic group lives on this green island with the lowest capable of violence in Europe.

Cyprus is also out of our expectation. Usually, we think this place is very turbulent, however with its advanced education system and well-developed economic, it is also elected as one of the safe and perfect places in the world. We must not overlook that there is two British military bases here.

New Zealand’s crime rate is the lowest among the Western countries, and it also has a very unique geographical position: far away from the effect of tropical cyclones in the north and also far from the hit of the polar storm in the south.

Mauritius and Seychelles are two places with the lowest crime rate among African countries. Besides, Mauritius located in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, so there is no pirate to harass.

A recent study shows that Bhutan is a country with the highest happiness index in Asia; of course, it is also one of the safest places in Asia. Although people here are not living an affluent life, they have Buddhist beliefs and traditional family values as supplements.

Mercer has elected the world’s safest cities, and among the top five cities, Switzerland has taken up three, they are, Bern, Geneva, and Zurich.

People in Iceland are very friendly and the people here are all well-educated. So, when traveling here, we can obtain a hospital reception.

Singapore is almost free from natural disasters. This country takes a vigorous legal system, and people here have a strong sense of the law.