3G Technology is becoming a legitimate objective in the current administrative days. Among all the sophisticated and self-motivated technologies, the obligation of 3G Technologies is at the wide range where it refers to third-generation telecommunications. Utility services of it, includes wireless mobile telephony, accessing the internet and all others forms interrelated to the entire mobile ambiance .it has first started 3G research and development in 1992 than in the year of 1999 ITU has agreed the five radio interfaces form the IMT-2000 that is the institute of management technology department where WIMAX added this in 2007 version which as global files for the users.

The Next Technology After 2G

Where the name itself says to use the earlier generations that are the 1G technology is the first generation technology which has began in the early eighty’s with AMPS that is the advanced mobile phone service cellular networks and it has given with a frequency bandwidth of 800 MHz to carry analog voice tones to all the channels in specific range. 2G technology that is the second generation technology that has emerged in ninety’s where they adopted the CDMA (code division multiple access) and TDMA (time division multiple access) for the users. The ITU that is an international telecommunication union defined the distinct 3G technology which facilitates the user to increase the bandwidth, speed and also ropes many applications that have designed a new mobile multimedia application with packet-switched data to increase the spectral efficiency and speed of the users.

They have invented the partnership project with 3G networks like GPRS with a speed of114 kbps, EDGE with 384 kbps speed and WCDMA with a downlink of 1.92 Mbps speed. It mainly makes use of CDMA and TDMA for value-added services like video conferencing, mobile television and GPRS. The fundamental use of 3G Technology is a quick data transfer. Some of the best features of it is which has ample collection of its application which will help the user to apply on their 3G mobile phones and also endow with mobile broadbands for numerous laptops, computers mobile phones and to manufacture the innovative Mitsubishi eclipse that are the motorcars for the new generation youth, SIM application tool kit for 3G networks and ALE (auto-link establishment) in worldwide for radio communication with high frequency communication feature with it. The CDMA has registered a trademark in a telecommunication industry association.

The major use of 3G technologies is the universal mobile communication system for users. Another advantage with the 3G technology is CDMA channel access to send or receive mail voice, the connection between different mobile systems, other cell sites, and Qualcomm. Which is the wireless mobile communication used mainly in America with superior research and Development Company for making use of leading fables chips all over the world? Even it helps mobile users to employ innovative styles for their phones. With this wide use of 3G technology, any user can gain wisdom in all fields. However, user can get countless benefits with the 3G technology.