What could they possibly have had to say to Rosalynd?

https://www.fightingforyou.com/resource-center/articles/6q0ro17gw What could they possibly have had to say to Rosalynd?


https://area515.org/4vq79h6 When Rosalynd arrived at the table to clean up and pick up the cheque, she noticed it was covered in words. At first, she thought it was just a careless scribble, until she looked a little closer and it became clear that one of the friends had written a note. As friendly as their interaction had been, it was just a waitress serving customers at the end of the day.

A Personal Message

https://whlawoffices.com/blog/yxrcxqtf3zc Rosalynd’s curiosity began to burn as she skimmed over the note. She looked around to see if the men had stuck around, but they were well on their way by that point. Rosalynd picked up the note and started to read. After the first few words, she realized this was a personal message specifically for her, and got her interest in the first few words; “We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues…”


https://www.worshipteamcoach.com/uncategorized/lrbric8sz With each sentence, Rosalynd felt more and more moved by the heartfelt message. The note went on to say “If everyone would share a smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people,” Jason wrote. “Not race. Not gender. Just American. God bless!” Rosalynd was at a loss for words. She could never have expected that people so different from her would appreciate her basic courtesies and pleasantries so gratefully.


United by a Smile

https://www.messyfamilyproject.org/77busq1qp4m Rosalynd was truly touched by Jason’s note. The idea of how far a smile can go really invigorated her positivity. Waitresses will generally have all manner of interactions with people. Some good, some bad, but very rarely will they experience a life-changing moment like this one. But there was so much more to come for Rosalynd, whose experience had just begun. Continue reading “What could they possibly have had to say to Rosalynd?”