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For this reason, Bench now has their own licenced tax professionals. When you enroll in the Bench Premium service, you’ll gain year-round access to tax professionals that will answer your tax-related questions. You’ll also have a dedicated Tax Coordinator responsible for tracking down forms and organizing documentation. For businesses with over $5 million in revenue, accrual-basis bookkeeping is required by the IRS. If your business grows, you may have to switch to accrual-basis accounting system. Essentially, Bench has distilled its bookkeeping platform into at-a-glance summaries. The data in the bookkeeping software is pulled in read-only format from your bank, credit, and merchant accounts.

Bench Accounting

Customers can expect a personable and respectful partner. Offload your to-do list and save time with these helpful services.

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Out of 5icon”I really enjoy the ease of use of the software and the communication with the team members, specifically [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN.” The Message tab enables you to send and receive messages from your assigned bookkeeper. Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of experience. He brings his expertise to Fit Small Business’s accounting content.

Bench Accounting

When you reach out for support, Bench will try to connect you with your account manager, though sometimes you’ll be put in touch with one of the other two bookkeepers. Your bookkeeping team will always be up-to-date on your business and financial status. During this call, your bookkeeper will also link your bank accounts, merchant accounts, and credit card accounts with the Bench bookkeeping software.

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Bench should able to serve Freelancers and Micro Businesses well. If you need a basic, no frills bookkeeping company- Bench may be the right fit for you. Bench can likely get you set up and start at a point in time, allowing you to skip entry of historical data.

  • They get back to me within probably 20 minutes, every time.
  • They consistently put my expenses in the wrong category.
  • Bench continues to be a leading employer in Canada, having rapidly scaled to over 650 employees, and aims to double the company’s product and technology teams before the end of 2021.
  • I respectfully understand that they made some decisions regarding their services.
  • From there we moved ourselves and our two employees at the time, and we’ve scaled from here, but it’s still just the US market.

Instead, they can use our product, pay half the price and get their declaration instantly. For an additional fee, Bench provides overdue bookkeeping services. It can finish a year’s worth of bookkeeping in two to four weeks. This could be helpful if you’ve been behind on your books all year and tax deadlines are approaching. This includes monthly bookkeeping, a dedicated bookkeeping team, year-end tax-ready financial statements and unlimited communication with Bench’s in-house research team. Bookkeeping services include categorizing all transactions, reconciling bank accounts and preparing an income statement and balance sheet.

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Priced per month based on the number of monthly expenses, and accounts and add-ons . The Bench team consists largely of bookkeepers and one of Joshua’s Bench Accounting big focus is on how to make them more efficient. As the bookkeeping team grew, it became harder to collect and understand their feedback.

But doing it through an online platform, well, it’s fair to say it feels like an even bigger security risk. I have been with Bench for a full year now, including their tax service, and have been extremely happy with their process, accounting, taxes, and communication.

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That pairs your business with a team of Bench bookkeeping professionals. You’ve concocted every excuse under the sun, but you can’t escape reality – it’s time to do your books. Every business expense is categorized by your Bench team, making it easier for you to find every deduction you deserve. For inquiries related to this message please contact our support team and provide the reference ID below. It’s great to hear that we are able to deliver error-free financials to you! We’re excited to keep providing you with the support to continue growing your business.

Bench Accounting does bookkeeping on a monthly basis. After you sign up for a Bench account, you will connect your financial accounts — this includes bank accounts, credit cards, loans and merchant processors — to your Bench account. Bench bookkeeping is an online accounting service that manages bookkeeping and taxes for businesses. In the wake of COVID I left the agency I was at to do my own agency.

Bench Accounting

Specifically, you will be assigned a team of three dedicated bookkeepers, one of whom will be your account manager. The auto-sync with user bank accounts ensures that no transactions are missed, and the bookkeeper ensures that each transaction is accurately categorized.

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Free mobile app that helps the 50 million microbusinesses in Latin America become more efficient. The app allows owners to record transactions, track credits and debits, see business statistics, gain control over their inventory, among many other things. Benefit from the most accurate accounting, 24/7, real-time dashboards and reporting, all while saving on average 30-50% compared to a traditional bookkeeper or outsourced firm.

  • You can try Bench Accounting for free to see if it’s a good fit for you.
  • In order for your bookkeeper to complete your accounts, you’re going to need to supply them with your financial details.
  • After you sign up for a Bench account, you will connect your financial accounts — this includes bank accounts, credit cards, loans and merchant processors — to your Bench account.
  • These documents and tools are important when it comes to keeping your accounts in order.
  • All Bench bookkeepers are employees who receive regular in-house training.

A positive aspect of Bench is that it gives you the ability to analyze all your cash flow in one system. You can check accounts, vendors, spending categories, dates, credit, and more to ensure your business is on track. These metrics combined enable you to paint a picture of how your business is progressing over time. Bench’s online platform does a good job of labeling and categorizing transitions so that you can find things quicker. This categorization is performed by your bookkeeper.

There’s a degree of human error involved in this process, and sometimes your bookkeeper will mislabel transactions. This mistake can be fixed, however, you’ll just have to log in to’s web-based app and do it yourself. Or, you can just let your bookkeeper know via Bench’s app. The Bench bookkeeper will ask you questions about your business. If you feel like they haven’t asked you something important, be sure to bring it up yourself. Also, this individual should also provide you with a quick tour of Bench and its accounting software. Bench is best suited to a small business owner having trouble managing their financial accounts.

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Durrios has also held leadership positions at other tech companies, including MarketShare , Yahoo! and Overture, the company that pioneered paid search. To entrepreneurs out there raising money, my advice is, if raising money doesn’t feel exciting it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. In fact, Bench shines with third party integration, for example integrating payroll tools like Gusto Payroll or Justworks Payroll. Whenever you wish, you’ll be able to check-in with Bench to ensure things are progressing well.


Every month, the Bench bookkeeping team turns data into tax-ready financial statements. This helps monitor business financial health, allows for the download of financial statements, and allows the ability to chat with the bookkeeping team any time via the Bench mobile app. Compared to other bookkeeping services, Bench is an affordable option. Other bookkeeping services charge a sliding scale based on number of accounts, whereas Bench prices are based on average monthly expenses. Every Bench plan includes up to 15 financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans and merchant processors. It’s common for competitors to only include a handful of accounts in entry-level plans, so you’re getting good value with Bench Accounting. Bench provides cash basis bookkeeping services that include receipt management, transactions classification, and financial statement prep.

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Two of the most useful general purpose financial statements – the income statement and balance sheet – have their own dedicated tabs. If you’ve been doing your books in another accounting system, you can’t import the individual transactions into Bench.