Sell digital photos? If you are anything like me, you would wonder if that is possible. Well, it is possible! If you are one of those who loves the shutterbug and clicking every bit of those magical moments of your life, then the digital camera would be a necessity in your reticule or bag! If you love looking at nature or people and capturing magical moments that are fleeting yet so precious, then your photography would be your passion! There are many people who keep clicking photographs only to stow them away in CDs, floppies and discs and then these photographs never see the light of the day again. Well, you can sell these long lost and forgotten Rembrandts and earn money! There are many amateur and hobby photographers who sell digital photos and make a good living or side income.

Sell Digital Photos

Actually there are already too many photographers who are experts in capturing wonderful photos. As a beginner, you would not want to face tough competition because it will only lessen the chance of your picture being picked out. What you should do is to start from the smallest step possible which will eventually lead you to bigger demands. One of the best steps to online photo selling is through the microstock sites that do most of the trading of your photos from hosting to posting to selling and to giving commissions to you for the pictures that you have submitted.

If you are not familiar with the microstock sites, you can search for these following sites: Shutterstock, webstockPro, PhotoStockPlus, Dreamstime, Fotolia, and Stockxpert. You can post your photos on one or all of these sites. If you want to choose one best site among these, you can simply do that by getting the result turn over of photo uploading. The one that gave you the faster turn around may be the best site for uploading your photos. Just make sure that you are aware of the existing terms and conditions enveloping the uploading and selling of photos.

You may also want to directly trade your photos to photo buyers. This is definitely possible but you will need your own website where you can post your stock photos. You can also use your website to attract buyers to buy photos through advertisements. Although establishing a website may consume much of your time and effort to ensure competitiveness, there are also some advantages to using your own website. You can control the price of each photo and increase your income because you will not only get the commission, you will even get the whole proceeds of the sale. Just make sure that your website is attractive and your pictures are one of the best quality pictures there could be.

As previously said, the competition in selling digital photos online is very tight. To earn faster and easier, you need not only to endure the competition but to stay on top of the existing photo selling websites. It will be an advantage if you will do some research about how the process is done, who your target markets are, what photo categories they would usually demand, how the competitors trade with customers, and how they manipulate the pricing of their pictures. Once you become familiar with all these things, you can excel from all the other competitors and get your best out of selling digital photos online.