Natural Ways to Cure Cold, Cough And Breath Related Problems

Using the start of winter, the issues like cough, cold along with other breath related problems become common. Regardless of how much your body and soul attempt to adjust using the altering season, cough and cold could catch your hands on you. When the individual is knowledgeable, he could cure his problems by utilizing herbs naturally.

It’s a attempted recipe which fits wonders in cough. Make powder of desi khand (untreated sugar or brown sugar or sharkara) and alum in the number of 10 : 1 and inside a bottle. One spoon two times each day with tepid to warm water vanishes cough. If it’s dry cough, the dosage could be taken with warm milk.

  • Soak the peel of Aak roots in the milk then after drying make its fine powder. Now take 10 gm from it and add 25 gm trikuta powder, 5 gm Shring bhasma and 10 gm Godanti bhasma. For 1 gm of the preparation with honey everyday each morning and evening, as time passes even chronic breath problems is going to be cured.
  • Take its flower dried in shade and add trikuta (pepper, dry ginger root and peepal) making its paste in ginger root juice making its small balls. Keeping 2-4 balls from it in mouth can help cure the cough problem.
  • Collect white-colored stuffs from Aak leaves making their small balls like how big mustard seeds. Take 1 gm from it every evening and morning as well as chew betel after it. By 50 Percent-three days, chronic cough is cured and also you get relief in breath problems.
  • Dry old roots of Aak in shadow and roast it in fire. Then remove coal from this and go ahead and take ash with honey. It’s very good at breath problems.
  • Make paste of soppy stem of Aak and it is flower and fry by 50 percent-3 gm ghee, add jaggery into it and allow it to awesome. Its regular use cures sticky cough.
  • Soak gram in Aak milk and store it in earthen pot and make preparations its Bhasma in cow dung cake and take 125 gm of honey and lick by using it. It’s very good at chronic cough problems.
  • Have a ripe mango, roast in bonfire. After cooling, lick its juice gradually. It’s very good at dry cough.
  • Take extract of fresh leaves of Vaasa and lick it with 7.5 gm of honey. It’s very good at t . b.
  • Make tea of Adusa, Munakka and sugar chocolate and administering 10-20 gm from it towards the patients is extremely good at dry cough.
  • Sucking betel and Ajmoda is extremely helpful in curing dry cough.
  • Taking 2-3 gm celery powder with lukewarm water two times 3 times each day is extremely helpful in cough, cold along with other problems like headache, stomach earthworm.
  • If a person coughs frequently, then take 125 gm extract of celery, 2 gm ghee, 5 gm honey and go ahead and take preparation 3 times each day. The cough problem is going to be cured.